Taizé Helsinki 2012 info -draft

The ecumenical community in Taizé France is visited yearly by thousands of young people from around the world. Taizé also organizes a “pilgrimage of trust” in many different countries, the Nordic region meeting in Helsinki Finland is part of this pilgrimage. In addition to the brothers from Taizé, the meetings are lead by local parishes as well as many volunteers. The events bring together thousands of young people to pray and to sing, sharing in small groups and workshops and getting to know each other.

Friday September 28th 2012

10 am Helsinki Cathedral Crypt: Registration for accommodation begins
12 am prayer in the Cathedral
getting settled in the host parishes and host families
5.30 pm dinner
7 pm evening prayer in the Cathedral, prayer around the cross

Saturday September 29th 2012

9 am morning prayer in the Cathedral followed by Bible study and group discussions
12 am lunch
1 pm afternoon prayer in the Cathedral
2.30 pm workshops
5 pm dinner
6 pm Orthodox evening service in Uspenski Cathedral
7 pm evening prayer in Taizé style in Uspenski Cathedral
9 pm evening get-together in the Helsinki Cathedral Crypt

Sunday September 30th 2012

Sunday services in host parishes
lunch in the host parish or family
3 pm farewell prayer in the Cathedral
6 pm St. Thomas Mass celebrated in Taizé style in Mikael Agricola church

Registration and arrival

The meeting is for young people aged between 15 and 35. The program will be in English and Finnish. See http://www.taizehelsinki2012.fi for registration. Group registration preferably by May 31st 2012, latest by August 15th. Individual registration by September 10th 2012.

Arrival and welcome on Friday September 28th starting at 10 am in the Helsinki Cathedral Crypt (Kirkkokatu 18). There you will receive your transportation card and all necessary information.

Contribution to cover the costs

Finland, Scandinavia and Germany 20 – 35 euros (as much as you are able).
Other countries and day visitors 15 euros.

Further information:


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