Visitors from Taizé tour Finland in February

Four volunteers (‘permanents’) from Taizé visit Finland in February. The first team of two permanents, Lawrence and Rouven, arrived in Helsinki on Monday and joined an Orthodox youth gathering yesterday evening. The purpose of the visit is to help plan the international meeting in Helsinki, raise awareness of Taizé and the upcoming event in September.

Come and meet them at the events they attend!

Lawrence and Rouven’s tour plan looks roughly like this:

8–9 Feb Lappeenranta, Lutheran parishes

10 Feb Espoo, Leppävaara Lutheran parish

11–13 Feb Helsinki metropolitan area, various congregations

14–17 Feb Jyväskylä, Lutheran parishes

18 Feb Helsinki, Catholic St. Mary’s parish (Mass & youth gathering at 6 pm)

19 Feb Helsinki, Mikael Agricola Church, Anglican Sunday service 10 am

After Lawrence and Rouven return to Taizé, we will be visited by permanents Marysia and Stina, whose plan at the moment is as follows:

20 Feb Helsinki, Crypt of the Lutheran Cathedral, Ecumenical Prayer of Trust (Luottamuksen rukoushetki) 6 pm

21–22 Feb Seinäjoki Lutheran parishes

24–25 Feb Kajaani & Kuhmo Lutheran parishes

26 Feb Helsinki, Mikael Agricola Church, St Thomas Mass (Tuomasmessu) 6 pm

29 Feb–1 March Turku & Karjalohja Lutheran parishes

1 March Espoo, Olari Lutheran parish, Mass and youth gathering

4 March Departure to France.

Small changes and additions in the plan are likely. Please contact Kristiina Kallinen (krikallinen ät, +358 50 564 1491) to check if you wish to meet the permanents at places less precisely indicated in the list.

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