8. Seminar: Taizé & Finland


Joint seminar by Taizé Helsinki 2012 and the University of Helsinki

“The friendship of Taizé & Finland: from Anna-Maija Raittila to today”

Time: Friday 28.9.2012 / 9 – 16
Location: Helsinki University Central Campus, Porthania, hall PII (Yliopistonkatu 3)

Anna-Maija Raittila on ollut keskeisesti vaikuttamassa Taizén tuloon Suomeen. Seminaarissa keskustellaan eri näkökulmista Taizén ja Suomen ystävyydestä. Iltapäivän osiossa on tilaa vapaammalle keskustelulle aiheesta. Seminaarin kieli on englanti.

Anna-Maija Raittila has been a central figure in the arrival of Taizé
in Finland. Now, after a few decades, Taizé is already quite
well-known in Finland. In this seminar the friendship of Taizé and
Finland is discussed from various viewpoints. During the afternoon
talk there is an opportunity for more informal discussion.

– Päivi Linnoinen works as the theological advisor to the bishop of
Helsinki. She is currently preparing her doctoral dissertation on the
theology of Anna-Maija Raittila.
– Risto Saarinen is the professor of ecumenical theology at the
University of Helsinki.
– Vesa Hirvonen is a university lecturer at the University of Joensuu
and an adjunct professor at the University of Helsinki.
– Br Alois is the Prior of the Taizé Community.
– Br Matthew is a brother in the Taizé Community and Taizé’s contact
person for Russia.
– David Lazar is a rabbi in the Jewish Community of Stockholm.

Morning seminar, location: Porthania, PII (Yliopistonkatu 3)
9.00   Opening words
9.05   Päivi Linnoinen ”The spiritual theology of Anna-Maija Raittila”
9.35   Br Alois ”The friendship between br Roger and Anna-Maija”
10.05  break
10.20  Risto Saarinen “Theology of Love”
10.50  Br Matthew “Links between Taizé, Russia, the Nordic countries
and Baltic states”
11.20  David Lazar “Taizé: Laudate – Hallelu: Christians and Jews
Learning and Praying Together”
11.45  Closing words

12-14 Break and opportunity to attend the midday prayer at the Cathedral (which starts at 12)

Afternoon talk, location: Porthania, PIII (Yliopistonkatu 3)
14-16  Free discussion with the guests and the audience

The seminar and talk are open for everybody and free of charge.
Especially students and people attending the Taizé Helsinki 2012 event
are invited. Upon agreement, the faculty of Theology will give study
credits for attending the event.

More information: aura.nortomaa@gmail.com.


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