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Taizé Meeting in Helsinki

At the invitation of Lutheran, Orthodox and Catholic Church communities, in cooperation with Finnish Church council, and other churches.
The Helsinki Meeting will bring together brothers from Taizé and hundreds of young adults from Finland, Scandinavia, the Baltic and other European countries and north western Russia (already from 20 different countries) to pray and to sing, to share and to get to know each other. The meeting is one of the stages of “the pilgrimage of trust” in 2012.

Friday September 28th 2012

10 am Helsinki Cathedral Crypt: Registration for accommodation begins
12 am prayer in the Cathedral
getting settled in the host parishes and host families
5.30 pm dinner on the Senat Square (in a tent)
7 pm evening prayer in the Cathedral, prayer around the cross

Saturday September 29th 2012

9 am morning prayer in the Cathedral followed by
Bible study and group discussions
12 am lunch
1 pm afternoon prayer in the Cathedral
2.30 pm workshops
5 pm dinner
6 pm Orthodox evening service (Vesper) in Uspenski Cathedral
7 pm evening prayer with songs from Taizé in Uspenski Cathedral
9 pm evening get-together on the Senat Square in a tent = OYAK

Sunday September 30th 2012

Sunday services in host parishes
lunch in the host parish or family
3 pm farewell prayer in the Cathedral
6 pm St. Thomas Mass with songs from Taizé in Mikael Agricola church (br. Alois).

Registration and arrival

The meeting is for young people aged between 15 and 35. The program will be in English and Finnish.
Group and individual registration by September 10th 2012.
Arrival and welcome on Friday September 28th starting at 10 am in the Helsinki Cathedral Crypt (Kirkkokatu 18). There you will receive your transport card and all necessary information.

Contribution to cover the costs

Finland, Scandinavia and Germany 20 – 35 euros (as much as you are able).
Other countries and day visitors 15 euros.


On-line registration:
In Finnish
In Swedish
In Russian
In English

If you have a question for Taizé concerning Taizé/Helsinki 2012:

If you have a question for the young adults in Helsinki who are preparing the meeting:


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